Monday, March 29, 2004

Grabbing Media Attention for Dummies.

This is a must for all aspiring Fa Dans. We are honored to have Lam Tai, Hor Yee, Ah Sheh and Seen Nei to give us their guidance.

1. Get yourself dressed in yellow and top it with an ugly hairdo. So anyone from afar can identify you like they are identifying Big Bird in Sesame Street and you wont get lost in a sea of colors.

2. Purposely get yourself seated with someone that you are perceived to be at odds with and went on to isolate the subject by having a threesome with other folks. Oh, and remember to smile when you face the camera.

3. If you are the isolated subject, don’t despair. Look nonchalant and pretend to be interested in what's happening in front of you. Keep your cool. Bide your time, it’s not the end. Don’t give up!!!!!!

4. Ah….what to do when you should be wearing some media grabbing outfit but forgot? Show some cleavage!! However, do it smartly. Look for an opportunity like when you are heading towards the stage. Oh and show your pearlies ……

5. It’s alright if you are not going up the stage, just remember to look anywhere except in the direction of the triumphant one. The most effective method as demonstrated was to look down at your own lap.

6. You will look real silly if you don’t smile at the camera when you are donning a Big Bird outfit. So smile!!!!!!

7. If you can't join them, beat them. Just grab one of the threesome and a word of caution, DO NOT HOLD HANDS (that’s a gesture deem too friendly). The wrist would be fine. All you want is to break your isolation not to stump the media’s imagination.

8. Surprised that the isolated subject grabbed you? Quick, masked your surprise and smile. This is not the time to show animosity.

9. Since all the flashbulbs are on the two of you, SMILE and put your hand on the other person’s shoulder. If possible, make more poses before the flashbulbs find their way to Big Bird or some other people.