Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Special Report: Blab Blab 2008

As with all conspiracies and theories, the Teeveebee janitor is not an ordinary being...*cough.. He's not human anyway* He is the trusty whistle blower of the boss of Teeveebee, MrSir Walk Walk Haw. And today, not like any other day, Janitor has a special meeting with dear ol' Ah Haw Sir Walk Walk Haw... ...and left. (Well, meetings don't last forever)

Secretary Snoop d Doo was left with the unpleasant task *it seems that Janitor is fond of writing on soiled papers* of filing the special report by Janitor, code name Blab Blab 2008...

L:*Yawns* Couldn't they do this when I'm not wishing for my bed?
JC: Hah! I got the prop...I got...
R: OoH, green binoculars!!! I want I want.
V and M: We are standees... We are standees...We are standees

L: I shall pretend there's a bird up thereeee...I must keep my cool. I must not feel sorry for myself. There's always next year...
SK: Piece of cakeabalone...Ahem, I ousted JehJeh from the prime spot. Ehehehe. The most valued fixtureperson in Teeveebee!!! Pardon me, this is all new. Oh..hohohoho
E: I'm special. Very Special. So I can appear anywhere. Haha
SC: JehJeh, how it feels to be sidelined? Kekeke *Tongue in cheek*
B: Sigh...Just last year, I was so loved! Smile...remember to smile.
R: I..*DING*

F: Almost, almost...My knees are turning into jello.
Y: Watch your hands!!! *Glares and smiles*
K: *farts farts* I really need to poop. Is this done yet? Sorry Chris. Stop applying pressure with your hand. *pleads*
C: Doh...You caused me to freeze up. I look like a grinning idiot now!
KK: Hear no evil...

A: I know I'm short but this makes me look more stupid. That's for not being someone's Honey Honey. *Sighs*
BW: Turn into M...Turn into M...Concentrate... Concentrate.
BL: You wish. I will not morph...will not!!!!
WH: I want to die. This is such an ugly hairstyle!
T: Did you hear that?
M: I did. Now stop pulling my tie or I will snap my fingers and yell for help!

M: Hello? Anyone there? Get me out of this dumb War and Genders crap. Boo...I don't belong with this people. Urgh...Such a cruel joke!!!
S: Poor guy...He's not supposed to be here, ya know?
WCL: What to do? I feel sorry for both of you.
S: *sobs* I thought you didn't notice. Thanks.

Janitor didn't record what the girls said. Janitor thought they are mannequins.

K: Stephen, do you think we can do something else next year? Er, surely we will have a spot in next year's calendar...*mumble mumble*
S: Yuh, this is kinda boring. I know I have a hot bod *unlike someone*, there's no need to keep harping on it. Wahahaha
R: Bleh...They didn't tell me it's a swim wear shoot! I could have gone and tone my bod. Now I look so gay.
F: They like me...They like me...I'm so hot!!!!! *Getting delirious*

So F drowned out the voices of Nancy and Suki.

C: Adam, how does it feel to be left out of your exclusive club? I really don't mind being here. Afterall, I look good ALL the time. *Meows*
A: Tell me about it. *Glumly* Now I'm left to make someone's Honey Honey look dashing. Bah...
P: Hey!!! I'm here on my on merit!!! *Feels so good. Ahahaha. Finally, my time has come*
WYH: Hello? *In a small voice*

*The Ms HongKong music starts*

With all the poise and elegance, their ultra fake compliance and swooning dresses makes Janitor drowsy and he fell into a deep sleep while the shooting went on... ...

*An aura of jadedness*

G: Why oh why? W....WH... ..Y... WHY?!!!!!
B: Can they give me some new partners? Bleh, no mood to smile at all.
S: Hrmm...Such an ugly cheong sam and hairstyle. Do they think they can get me down with such treatment? Dream on. *Smirk*
SC: Come on. I will look very good with Bowie. *Doe eyes*
M and T: One day....that day will come. *Wistfully*

MM: Oh this is quite fun. Ahahaha.
SM: Ada...Yoohoo? Er...look here please?
A: *Pretends not to hear* Oh Sum Gor...can I have special discounts if I buy shades from you?
MS: Umm...can't remember if I'm supposed to join Sum Gor...Hmm...

*The two SLs dutifully play their part as background A and B*

C: Do you think my megawatt smile is flawless?
J: Who cares? Geez, you put on weight?! I'm feeling the strain. *snaps snaps* Someone help!!!
R: Ahaahhaha. I didn't get to talk earlier. Now, I will make sure you all hear me. Yuh you heard me. So yep, poor jess. At least, the french horn doesn't weigh that much. *sniggers*
K: Heh... Teeveebee loves me. I love Teeveebee. Thank You. Thank You.

A, E and R: Yuh, we took the second row. *shrug* But, anyone can see us clearly unlike a lot of people (backdrops, mannequins etc).
J: My only complain is the stupid hair. Oh, and why I don't get to inch closer to Myolie?
G: Dude, know your place. Not everyone has special privileges(teases). Ahahaha
M: Men!!! It would be nice if...if... *Blushes*

End of LaughsReport.
Ah Haw, can I have Tiramisu next time?