Thursday, November 09, 2006

Teeveebee janitor's blabs about Calendar 2007

Somewhere, someone thought it was safe to let the teeveebee janitor gets its (who said this job is only for humans)paws hands *cough* on a copy since it's no longer a rag- and- tag- job-placemat calendar *cough, cough*... ...

Unfortunately, the teeveebee janitor’s brain works DIFFERENTLY. So, what does our teeveebee janitor has to say?

~~~ @@@ ~~~

Waaa… so many human mannequins!!! Have to hand it to Ana Yau though; everyone did the colgate/ darlie smile but her. She’s got all my attention. Huh? There’s Bowie and Charmaine in the picture??!!!

Ah… The Oldies’ Turf! Oh, this year Nancy Sit lost the “arm wrestling match” to Liza Wang. Heeheehee. That also explains why Jessica had to stand so much further away from the camera. Fa Dans and Ah Gors should count their lucky stars if don’t get crushed by some “railway tracks” (wrinkles). Mwahahahahaha.

If I didn’t know better, I thought this a dead family portrait (daguerreotype). Hahaha. All of them looked so glum and stiff! Can’t be helped, they were portraying dead people anyway. Hiak Hiak Hiak.

*Sniggers* some people’s acting just sucks. Ask him to hold a mike and pretend to sing, he looks like he is having some urinary problems instead. (Hint: a not-so-smooth release in the lavatory)

See… when it’s gets agonizing to look at three adults acting cute, use a backup plan. Find some cute dogs and move on. This tactic should be used more often.

This is so obvious. “Pay attention to Chris Lai. Please ignore the rest. If you find it hard to do so, just concentrate on the black bloc and hopefully your conscience will stop nagging. Thank you very much.”

Oohlala!!!! Honey melon, Dragon fruit or Orange? Assortment of flavours guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds. *Hmm… actually, it’s so similar to a typical lingerie advertisement*

After a lingerie advertisement, It's time for some guys to show off their meat bods. *Yawn* That’s how Summer is defined??!! This is so bland.

Sam Leung Gau Jee? Three Lionesses and one Lion? Suk Luis and Yau Nam? I don’t know what to make of this. No, wait! It's the Chai Lai Angels 2!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha

*Think**Think* Okay, I get the drift. It’s Chung Yeung Festival!!! The cake, flowers and table are the stars here. Duh… Not sure whether those people were ghouls. *Scratches head*

Yoohoho!!! Sonija got the central spot! But, I suspect that whoever- in- charge cannot stand her badgering and caved in. The hideous hairdo is a dead giveaway. Heeheehee. She seemed like a vengeful and crazy lass than a partygoer.

You’d know that you arrived when you don’t have to budge an inch to get into the viewfinder of a camera, it will find you. Noticed how the folks on the left squeezed themselves into the frame? Ah, so what’s next? You give a super megawatt smile but if you cant muster it, wear shades to reduce the glare. In the event that you don’t have shades, make sure that you can bend backwards with ease (otherwise, the camera will capture your grimace instead).