Sunday, November 21, 2004


Due to time constraints, the recent Anniversary Show could not accommodate all the awards categories. Only the more heavily contested and generally the more popular ones were shown and presented on air. However, for the benefit of the other award winners, teeveebee held another ceremony/party to acknowledge the rest of its rightful and deserving winners.

Award for the ensemble of most good-looking leading men/women in a series
Nominees: Split Second, Angels of Mission
Winner: Split Second

Award for most dragged out series
Sole nominee: Virtues of Harmony 2
Winner: Virtues of Harmony 2

Award for the series you want to forget the most
Nominees: Lady Fan, A Handful of Love, Summer Heat
Winner: Lady Fan

Award for the series with the most blatantly borrowed idea
Nominees: Split Second (24), Angels of Mission (Charlie's Angels), To Get Unstuck In Time (Frequency)
Winner: Angels of Mission

Partnership award for the best ill-paired young woman/old man couple and vice versa in a series
Nominees: Flora Chan/Damien Lau (Hard Fate), Myolie Wu/Tse Kwan Ho (Dream of Colours), Any Kwok/Bosco Wong (To Love With No Regrets)
Winner: Amy Kwok/Bosco Wong (To Love With No Regrets)

Award for most over-rated leading actress in a series
Nominees: Gigi Lai (War and Beauty), Charmaine Sheh (War and Beauty), Jessica Hsuan (Lady Fan), Ada Choi (To Catch The Uncatchable)
Winner: Gigi Lai (War and Beauty)

Award for most under-rated leading man in a series
Nominees: Wong He (Net Deception), Tse Kwan Ho (Dream of Colours), Sunny Chan (Placebo Cure)
Winner: Wong He (Net Deception)

Award to the 'fa dan' with the worst choice of character/script
Nominees: Jessica Hsuan (Lady Fan), Jessica Hsuan (A Handful of Love)
Winner: Jessica Hsuan (Lady Fan)

Award for the series with the worst ensemble of leading actors/actresses
Nominees: Lady Fan, To Love With No Regrets, Hidden Treasures, Blade Heart, Summer Heat
Winner: Hidden Treasures

Award for worst leading man in a series
Nominees: Joe Ma (Lady Fan), Joe Ma (A Handful of Love), Joe Ma (Summer Heat)
Winner: Joe Ma (Lady Fan)

Award for worst leading actress in a series
Nominees: Sonija Kwok (Hidden Treasures), Shirley Yeung (Blade Heart), Shirley Yeung (Angels of Mission)
Winner: Shirley Yeung in whichever

Award for the series that proved most profitable to its leading cast of ladies
Nominees: To Catch The Uncatchable, War and Beauty, Shine On You
Winner: War and Beauty